Miracle’s Conquest of Acadia
12th June 2011 – 5 August 2016
Run without pain dear one

Miracle’s Conquest of Acadia (Jolibel)

We are thrilled to announce that Jolibel (Miracle’s Conquest of Acadia) will be coming to California to live with us.

She is going to be a great addition to our kennel, training program and possibly our breeding program.  Since she’s still a baby, our future breeding plans with her are in development.  In the meantime, watch for her to begin showing in both conformation and obedience.

February, The Month of Love and … Heat?

Poor Bear.

He’s been holding up pretty well living in a household of females.  We’re a ten being household: four female dogs, two female cats and me; Bear and two geriatric male cats.

We knew Nellie was supposed to go into heat in January and we were THRILLED when she didn’t (what with one thing and another, this was a very crazed January and a female in heat would have been that one bridge too far), but we had no idea when Phoenix might go into heat.

So is it any surprise that Phoenix went into her second heat last Thursday (that’d be about 8 months – not as long a cycle as I’d prefer but pretty average) and then MONDAY Nellie followed her into heat?

Bear spends a lot of time at work suddenly.  I expect he’ll re-emerge in three weeks, once everyone is done with all this girly-girl stuff.

I haven’t checked with Jan, but this is a slightly longer than expected interval for Nellie so I’m tentatively saying we’ll be looking at Nellie & <insert mystery dog’s name here> puppies in early 2012 (oooo – magic 2012 puppies!).

Phoenix will be 2 in July and we plan to breed her at her next heat which SHOULD be October.  We’ve been daydreaming about possible mates, now it’s time to really look at genetics, as well as local dogs that we (Jan, Dia and the Miracle family) want added in to the Miracle lines and start talking to some folks out here.

You can bet some of these puppies will be winging their way back to beautiful Canada, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Jan to introduce size, movement and bone that might otherwise be difficult to integrate, considering the distances involved.

If you’re interested in one of these special puppies, it’s not too early to get in touch to start the dialogue.

And any of the guys out there that can relate to poor, overwhelmed Bear, he’d LOVE to hear from you.