Oh the Doge (er Dog)

Aren’t dogs supposed to be loaded with instincts?  Not so little Dragon.

After mumblemumblemumble dollars of x-rays and IVs and, as we were bringing her home last night, a laxative (gee – thanks, really, thanks!) it turns out Ms Thang had EATEN – TOO – MUCH.

Yep, that’s right, she’d powered down too much food.  Got her little mouth around some dropped big girl kibble and added that to her normal meal and, well, it was too much.

She was miserable and listless and uninterested in food Monday afternoon and night, erped up the little bit she HAD consumed and generally was just pathetic.  And no one does pathetic better than a tiny tiny dog.  So Tuesday morning Bear took her to the vet.  Dr Gayle (a living GODDESS!) palpated and said “Hmmm” and all those doctorly things that are good to say when you’re the practitioner and terrible to hear when you’re the patient (or the anxious human caretaker of a sick critter) and whisked Dragon out of the treatment room to do tests.  It turns out they were just x-rays but poor Bear was sitting on the edge of his seat waiting.

(Where was I?  Certainly not kicking back.  I had an appointment of my own or I’d have been in the hot seat)

When Dr. Gayle came back with Dragon and the x-rays, she showed Bear.  Dragon’s stomach was crammed full of something and was twice the size of her heart.  So they kept Dragon, gave her drugs and fluids and walked her to try to get her to poop (nope) and pee (yep).  And did more x-rays throughout the day, watching the stomach SLOWLY empty of this whatever-it-was.

We thought she must have eaten something foolish, like a sponge.  She was sent home to be watched overnight by her loving family (and washed after the laxative had some effect).  She seemed more normal, a little clingy, but she’d just spent a day in the veterinary hospital so that wasn’t unexpected.

At dinner time, though, she didn’t even look up for food – which is NOT normal for her.  The shepherds may eschew food for meals, or even days, at a time, but not little Dragon.  Last night, she was like a little tiny shepherd, turning her nose up at the thought of food.  Which was good on the one hand, because she was not allowed to have food, but worrisome on the other hand as she is normally such a chow hound.

She slept like a champ, and woke up cranky, but didn’t seem particularly hungry.  She WAS barking and romping a bit, so we were encouraged.  Then we all trooped in to see Dr. Gayle this morning, and got GREAT news.  The x-ray showed that whatever had been in her stomach was now all the way into her colon.  Phew.

Dragon’s on a day of special low residue food, then tomorrow she gets to add a little kibble in to the mix, but only a little.  And maybe she’s learnt her lesson – maybe now she’ll stop being a doggie hoover cleaning up everything that drops on the floor.