Pigeons are the very devil!

Wow, it’s amazing how fast a day can turn from restful to stressful.  Phoenix was ready for a nap Wednesday afternoon, so it was time for her to go into her crate.  Before she goes into her crate, though, she needs a pee break.  We walked outside and I noticed a flock of GIANT pigeons in the yard, but thought nothing of it.  Phee, however, had taken a “new” route to the yard so she was <relatively> close to the birds when they panicked and exploded into flight.  Of course, that freaked her out and she spun around and pelted for the house, screaming like mad the whole way.

I figured “puppy fear period” and didn’t make a big deal over it, but the screaming didn’t stop, it just slowed down and I noticed it was timed with her putting her right front foot down.  At this point, I know she’s full of water and really needs to pee AND she’s freaked out by the birds AND she may really have hurt herself.

So I picked her up and ferried her to the preferred (by her) elimination place.  I put her down and sure enough, the flood gates opened.  Since she’s a big tough Shiloh puppy, she’s recovered from her fright and is going to walk back to the house.  She turns around, takes one step on her right foreleg and shrieks.  I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t call the police!  So she gets ferried back to the house and into the kitchen for a drink of water.  As I was carrying her, I was surreptitiously checking her forepaw for anything obvious and there wasn’t anything.  Put her down to drink, which she did just fine.  So I’m thinking “Phew, she just stubbed a toe or something” when she turns to go say hi to Dragon and SCREAMS.  Dragon almost fell over backward it was so loud.

So I was in the unenviable position of having my phone in one room, the injured puppy in another and trying to get one and keep the other still.  I called the vet and they squeezed me in (actually interrupted Dr. Grasmehr’s lunch time).  After a worrisome examination (but no screaming – sigh) Dr. G pronounced Phoenix to be shaken but not broken – yay!

Phoenix came home and really flopped and when she woke up Wednesday evening, she was pretty much back to normal.  It’s so scary when they’re little and hurt, because you don’t even have the connection you get once they’re adults and you know and trust each other.

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